The proof is in the pudding


"Every course was plated beautifully and we were all left wanting more"
Neena, London

 “Dhiren’s cooking is truly wonderful and he’s unflappable — we had a power cut while Dhiren was cooking for ourselves and six other friends for Valentines Day. Without a second thought he switched tack and cooked the entire dinner, eight courses no less, in a different way than was originally planned and did so without any lighting other than candles and an iPhone. All of us agree it was the most romantic meal we’ve ever enjoyed — absolutely top notch and Dhiren’s a hero!”

Mark, Hertfordshire

"We were spoilt for my birthday dinner with exquisite cuisine."
Kripa, Central London

"Amazing food, had the best evening. Highly recommended."
Amy & Nick, Brighton

"We were all at a restaurant and kept thinking about Dhiren's private dinner."

Gill, Hertfordshire


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