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Meet the Chef

Meet your chef


Want exciting, healthy, tasty and beautiful looking meals in the comfort of your own home? Want an option that doesn’t involve searching for 'takeaway near me' in Google? 


I’m Dhiren and I’d love to help out by bringing you a private, fine dining dinner of exquisite standards. 


Certain experiences stay with you forever — when I was a child and on a family holiday in India seeing sights & then staying with family in my granddad's village, I witnessed my grandaunt cook deliciously spiced meals on an open log fire day after day. Simply put, it mesmerised me and was obsessed with transforming ingredients into meals ever since


As a result I believe that beautiful restaurant type meals should be enjoyed at home by everyone and that they should contribute to nutritional and health needs.


My food style specialises in taking the Indian restaurant to a different level by absorbing inspiration from other cultures and melting them to create fusion and statement dishes. See my dishes in my Instagram profile and in the Plating gallery.


And so if you’re finding that eating out is unsafe, babysitters are unavailable, taxis keep you waiting, takeaways are too fattening & cooking leaves you exhausted, then click on the Services page to see what I can do for you. Or if you're ready to make an enquiry do so below.

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